The Blissful Bee


So for a while now I’ve been intrigued with antler-like objects. I think the rustic elements really are the reason why I’m so attracted to them. About a year ago, my hubby came home from a hunting trip with a nice little surprise on the stove. He was boiling a set of antlers from a deer he had killed that day. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it because a.) he was boiling antlers in my kitchen! Gross!!!  b.) he killed bambi!!!  and c.) he was really proud of himself… so should I be proud of him??? ugh regardless – I couldn’t do anything about bambi at this point so I had to move on… *tear* I will say this is probably where my creativity had to kick in because guess what – he wanted to mount this thing. I was still seriously grossed out and sad at this point, but I started brainstorming ways to make these antlers “rustic chic.” I didn’t have pinterest at the time, but below are a few images I recently pulled that were similar to my inspirations at the time:

Is it just me that loves wicker? Or shall I say “wuvs” it;) I’m cheesy, it’s ok.  As much as I love wicker, most of the time my wicker finds are always in need of a huge makeover.  A few weeks ago the hubs and I went to good ole east Texas to get in some quality family time. Most of our east Texas trips end up with some great finds from our standard antique shopping trips.This fabulous find was just one of many. I spotted it pretty quickly and knew I had to have it. Despite the horrendous paint color, the shape of the piece was too pretty to pass up. And when I say the color was terrible, I mean it! Imagine the color of a band-aid mixed with the color of throw up or something. Sorry for the visual, but yeah – it was bad!! I thought for sure since the color was so awful that they would be willing to negotiate the price down a lot. Well I was kinda wrong, but a little right. It was listed at $80 which I thought was just completely ridiculous. I mean, who do these people think they are?? $80?? YEAH RIGHT.  I did really want it though so I believe I offered like $50 or something and eventually met in the middle at $65. I normally would never pay that much for something like this, but the chair was actually in really good condition and I already had a place picked out for it in our home. Darn. I bought it. BUT the good news is after my little makeover, I loved it even more than I thought I would!

The butterflies are out and the flowers are blooming – my allergies are in full swing, so that must mean it’s spring! I might not be able to breathe through my nose… and I might have to carry around travel size tissues in my purse, but it that just means it’s my favorite time of the year. Down here in Texas, the summers get to about 110 degrees on a daily basis, so we tend to take the spring VERY seriously. It’s just about the only time of the year you can sit outside and enjoy the flowers and weather without feeling like your about to die. That’s why the hubby and I have been getting our backyard nice and purdy for this lovely time of year. 

After nearly 2 years of marriage, the hubs and I were fortunate enough to purchase our first home back in September of 2011. We had been searching for months and simply didn’t have much luck. We finally found our perfect match and just knew right away that it was the home for us – a recently updated 1970’s ranch home in the beautiful city of Ft. Worth. Although the previous owner had made many great updates, we needed to add our own touch to the home. After many months of hard work and many gallons of paint, we are getting close!
Before and after pictures will be coming soon;)
 Hey guys – Ok so as you can see I’m a bit new at this whole blogging thing. And a little nervous to add to that. To be quite honest, I never thought I would ever start one myself. The only reason it actually came to mind was because of my hubby. Basically, he got tired of me complaining about all the “guy” shows I was forced to watch each night. (Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Top Gear and Discovery Channel, but sometimes it all becomes just a bit much!) He then muttered “Why don’t you just start a blog or something??” Completely aware he only said it as a joke and to get me off his back, a light bulb went off. Duh! Why not? I’m addicted to anything design related, so at this point, it only felt natural to start one. And when I say addicted… I’m not exaggerating. I think I have a serious problem;)